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Hero Puppy Value Pack

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Puppies need to play! This bundle of 4 favorite toys will help give your little one plenty of stimulation to learn and grow up healthy. The Hero Puppy Value Pack includes:
1) Sammy the Snail Puppy Toy – This natural rubber friend makes a great chew toy for teething pups. Fill the grooves with spread or peanut butter for an extra treat!
2) Rubber Ring Puppy Toy – This rubber ring has plenty of grooves and nubs to entice engaging play and provide great gum cleaning for your pup!
3) Squeaking Bone Ball Puppy toy – The rattling and squeaking noise that the inner ball in this toy makes is sure to drive your pup crazy! The nubs provide great gum cleaning and easy gripping.
4) Nub Bone – Made of soft rubber, the nubs on this bone make it ideal for teething puppies to gnaw.