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Toys are a great way to keep birds entertained, active, and healthy. Making bird toys for DIY projects is also a great way to engage in play with your bird. However, not all toys are created equal. Some birds prefer toys they can climb and some enjoy interactive toys they can eat off of. DIY bird toys allow you to create toys that you know your bird will love and enjoy.

All of our bird toy parts are made from safe materials perfect for DIY bird toys. Some of the materials you can use for your DIY bird toy include wooden beads, plastic beads, metal rings, and metal skewers. Our bird toy parts are safe, durable, and sure to entertain your feathery friend. 


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By creating a DIY bird toy for your bird, you’ll be able to change up your pet’s entertainment to keep things fun and exciting. They also allow you to interact with your bird through play if you utilize food or treats with your DIY bird toys. You can even use them to play games with your bird to help keep their brain sharp and prevent boredom. Mental stimulation is an important part of care for your pet bird, so why not make it fun? 

Customize your DIY bird toy with an array of shapes, colors, and materials. Including a variety of textures will create a captivating play experience that’ll keep them happy and entertained. Our bird toy parts, just like birds, come in a variety of sizes as well. Larger beads or metal rings may be more suitable for larger birds. 

Spruce up your pet's toy collection with a set of plastic beads, a new cotton rope, or a link plastic chain. To make new additions to old bird toys, DIY some new installations with our predrilled slates and metal rings. Your pet bird will be sure to thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do you make homemade bird toys?

When creating DIY bird toys, it's important to gather the right materials that are safe and bird-friendly. Choose materials such as untreated wood, bird-safe ropes, natural fibers, and non-toxic dyes. These choices ensure that your feathered friend can play without any harm.

To build the foundation of your bird toy, select a sturdy base. A small wooden block or a bird-safe plastic toy part can serve as a reliable starting point. This ensures stability and durability, providing a secure structure for your bird's enjoyment.

Once you have your base, it's time to attach the chosen materials. Use bird-safe ropes or strings to secure various items onto the base. Incorporate colorful wooden beads, untreated pine cones, pieces of untreated wood, or bird-safe bells. 

To create an engaging toy, consider adding different textures and challenges for your bird. Birds love exploring various textures, so incorporate items like palm or seagrass mats, pieces of natural cork, or even strips of bird-safe paper that they can shred. These additions will provide mental stimulation and entertainment for your feathered companion.

Caitec offers safe materials for DIY bird toys so that your feathered friend can climb, forage, and play to their heart’s desire. 

What materials can I use to make bird toys?

There are several bird-safe materials you can use to make homemade bird toys. One of those materials is wood. It's best to choose untreated wood such as pine, balsa, or cork. These can be used to make perches, blocks, or hanging toys for the birds.

To add an element of fun and movement to the toys, consider using bird-safe ropes and strings. Natural fibers like sisal or cotton ropes work well for creating swings, ladders, or hanging elements.

If you'd like to introduce some color into the toys, it's crucial to use non-toxic dyes. Consider using non-toxic food coloring or natural dyes made from safe ingredients like beet juice or turmeric.

When selecting bells and beads for the bird toys, make sure they are specifically designed for birds. 

Caitec offers a variety of bird toy-making supplies so you can create an optimal play experience for your pet bird. 

Are toilet paper rolls safe for birds?

Toilet paper rolls can be safe for birds if used correctly. When using a toilet paper roll as a bird toy or accessory, it is crucial to begin by thoroughly cleaning it and eliminating any remaining materials, such as toilet paper or other substances. 

Closely monitor your bird during their interactions with it. Birds have a natural tendency to shred and chew on cardboard, which can result in the creation of small pieces that could be dangerous for your bird.

Remember that every bird is unique, and what may be safe for one bird may not be safe for another. Always prioritize the safety and well-being of your bird when selecting or creating toys for them.