“After 9 months of trying to fee a picky African Grey…he just started eating veggies…after buying 7 brands of pellets all these months, some friends sent me samples of Oven Fresh Bites and he loves them!! I can’t tell you how many nights sleep I lost and tears I’ve cried because Zaz wouldn’t eat. Now he’s eating Oven Fresh Bites like they are his favorite Birdie candy! Thank you!”
Diane, Michigan

“I’ve tried to convert my Red Lored Amazon to a pellet diet many times during the past 20 years and he has always firmly refused. I am very happy to say he quickly accepted Oven Fresh.”

Barbara, Texas

“I own 2 parrots, a 16 year-old Senegal, Norman, and an 18 year old Indian Ring Neck, Jude. With their age, they are both weary of new food. I can tell when they like something because it doesn’t end up on the bottom of their cages. But the true test is when they very carefully eat every crumb because it is too yummy to waste even the smallest bite. They LOOOOOVE Oven Fresh Bites. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.”

“Hello, just needed to tell you about my blue front Amazon I saved from a really bad home, he is 13 years old. One owner fed him crap – no seed, no pellets; he was very, very skinny. I tried all Zupreem, Roudybush and others but he wouldn’t eat anything. I found your Oven Fresh Bites, bought a bag, and he has not stopped eating it. Thank you. You guys saved his life!!!!!”
Brent, Utah

“Ella is a very special bird. She was one of many birds seized by the Humane Society from a terrible hording and animal cruelty situation where she had been attacked by another bird and had her lower beak ripped off. Ella’s injury has limited her ability to eat many foods, chopping fresh foods into small pieces and offering her cooked soft foods has helped, but she was unable to eat any of the other high-quality pellets on the market because they ere too hard for her to break apart. The Oven Fresh Bites with their lighter texture are soft enough for her to break apart and eat, and she loves their flavor.”
Laura, Maryland

“I can’t say definitely, but my Goffins Cockatoo is plucking and over grooming much, much less and the olny thing that’s changed is the food I’m feeding him. I switched to Oven Baked food and the Munchies. Oliver was on a pellet diet as well as fruits and veggies, but he was very underweight and was over-grooming his wings, leaving just the shafts which he eventually bit off; and, plucking his chest and legs to varying degrees. Now e has put on a few ounces and actually has complete feathers on his winds!! His chest and belly have some down on it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. i cannot say its the food for sure, buy as I say, I haven’t changed any other thing except to change from the pellet diet to Caitec Oven Baked food and Munchies.”
Michelle, Massachusetts

“This is Ruby, my Green-Winged Macaw. I put a few of the bites into her pellet dish yesterday morning and noticed last night that there were crumbs only in there. So, I went and put a few more in. She went straight to her dis and started eating. This was after she already had her dinner and choices of all of her regular food. She likes them! She really, really like them!”
Noreen, Texas