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Featherland Paradise Cotton Perch .75" diameter

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Featherland Paradise makes the best cotton perches available for your pet bird. Your bird will love the shape and feel of this .75" diameter perch, ideally suited for small to medium parrots. Your bird will love the bright colors and secure feel of this perch. The secure fittings allow the perch to attach to virtually any wire cage. Parrots are always on their feet; therefore, you will want to have multiple types of perching surfaces and diameters in your cage so their feet will have variety.

We recommend having several of these comfy perches in your cage, so buy some today. Consider adding hardwood or rough finish perches as well, so your parrot will move from place to place.

Small: 16"x0.75"x0.75"

Medium: 20"x0.75"x0.75"

Large: 30"x0.75"x0.75"