Hero Dog Toys

Celebrating Earth Day With Your Dog

Earth Day actually began in 1970 and has since become a global movement for environmental protection that is celebrated by all earth’s residents including our canine friends. At Caitec, we value people, pets, and above all, our planet. That’s why our Hero USA toys are specifically created in a solar-powered facility in New Jersey. This witty collection of iconic shapes like a ball, football, jack, and star make this collection a win-win knowing that fewer emissions were used to transport the toys, plus, USA-made toys are subjected to high-quality standards, which gives extra peace of mind.

Get Outside
Whether it’s a gorgeous sunny day or pouring rain – make the effort to get outside. Kids and dogs alike love the effects of jumping and sloshing through puddles, and for humans, well, what a joy to feel the droplets of water on our face, or better yet, hear the sounds as the rain droplets hit the top of an umbrella or hat. Take a Hero dog toy and make the interaction fun while keeping your pet engaged in active play. Remember, when you go back inside there’s always time to dry off with a towel and sit for a cup of hot tea and a treat!

A great way to help reduce the impact your pet has on the environment is to recycle. Packaging from treats, food, and toys can be recycled. Remember to always check the packaging for instructions on how to dispose of it. And, committing to this disposal habit is one step in protecting pets and wildlife.

Blankets, towels, and out-sized dog clothes that are no longer needed can be donated to your local animal shelter. Keeping these items out of the landfill and helping out your local organization is a way to keep animals comfortable during a potentially scary time. For some older dogs, adoption may take weeks, months, or years, so keeping them cozy is so beneficial to their well-being.

Earth-Friendly Products
All-natural, recyclable pet products and packaging are available, so be sure to check the labels when shopping for pet products.

A wonderful way to commemorate Earth Day is to take your pet along for your celebration. Bring your pet, and keep him on a leash while doing your outdoor chores, plantings, and just relaxing under a tree. There’s a reason dogs are called, “man’s best friend.” Just being together will have a tremendous effect on your relationship!