Hero Bonetics

How to Curb Anxiety & Fear In Dogs With Hero Bonetics™

Like humans, dogs can experience anxiety and fear. Check for these signs that may indicate uneasiness in your dog:
• Behavioral reaction
• Eating patterns
• Bathroom habits

Things that can evoke anxiety in your pup:
•. Physical location
•. Loud noises
•. Weather
• Life changes
•. Past experiences

Show compassion for your pet by allowing him his safe zone without forcing your affection onto him. He’ll let you know if snuggles and petting are welcomed or not. Provide him a quiet secure space to allow him to calm his nerves and racing mind.

Try giving your dog who suffers from anxiety a HERO Bonetics™ chew toy. Hero Bonetics are a perfect size and weight and fit most dogs chewing habits and weight. Bonetics have just the right amount of flex so they are safe, gentle, and help to clean their teeth without damaging them. A durable dog chew, made of proprietary wood-infused nylon blend, Bonetics are flavor-infused and provide environmental enrichment for anxiety reduction. Your dog will be kept engaged and returning for more.