Famous Pets: 10 Best Pet Instagrams Pet Lovers Must Follow

Famous Pets: 10 Best Pet Instagrams Pet Lovers Must Follow

Who runs the world? Pets! From famous felines to precious pups, our furry friends have taken over Instagram. 

Thousands of animal lovers follow famous pet Instagram accounts and it’s no wonder why. If you're looking for a new way to brighten your day, check out this list of the 10 best pet Instagrams.

1. Popeye

    Popeye the Foodie Dog is a famous dog on Instagram. He is a small terrier-mix pup with a big appetite. He’s famous for his love of food. He also loves to dress up in adorable outfits and always has a fun time taking pictures with his humans.

    2. JiffPom

      JiffPom is an adorable Pomeranian who loves to dress up and show off his unique style. JiffPom is one of the most famous dogs on Instagram thanks to his fashionable wardrobe and killer style. His humans, who are also his personal stylists, often dress him up in the latest fashion and post pictures of him looking super cute.

      3. Nala Cat

      Nala Cat is a cute calico-tabby mix-breed cat with an adorable face. Nala has achieved worldwide fame as the “Queen of Cats” after sharing fun videos of her playing with her favorite toys with thousands of people on the internet. Nala’s success on social media can be accredited to her hilarious antics that have made her one of the most famous Instagram animals. 

      4. Loki the Wolfdog

      Loki the Wolfdog is another one of Instagram’s famous pets. He's known for his adventurous spirit and photogenic face. He has become an internet sensation due to his unique wolf-like features. Loki loves to explore the outdoors, as well as document all his wonderful experiences with his human family.

      5. Menswear Dog

        Menswear Dog is a Shiba Inu fashionista who loves to pose for the camera. His impeccable style is his claim to fame and has made him one of the most well-dressed Instagram pets to ever grace your feed. 

        6. Cinnabun the Bunny

          Cinnabun is an adorable bunny who adores her tasty morning salads and rides in her mom’s bike basket. Cinnabun stays busy entertaining her followers who are enamored by her cute, fluffy features. Cinnabun and her owner have documented their journey together to create one of the many successful animal Instagram accounts on the web.

          7. Mr. Pokee

            Mr. Pokee is one of the most lovable pets of Instagram. He’s a fun little hedgehog that has captivated hearts on social media and beyond. He also loves to travel and spend time out in nature.

            8. Coby the Cat

              Coby the Cat is a popular pet on Instagram. Coby is a cat that achieved fame due to his sassy attitude, his ocean-blue eyes, and his surprising love for water. 

              9. Oscar the Blue Chihuahua

                Oscar the Blue Chihuahua is a tiny pup with a love for getting into mischief! Oscar is known for cheeky antics and endearing video clips.

                10. Doug The Pug

                  Doug The Pug is famous for being the King of Pop Culture. His hilarious parodies of popular movies and TV shows have made him a big hit on the internet. Because of his status as a famous Instagram dog, Doug has appeared at events like Coachella and has been seen posing with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Macklemore, and Ed Sheeran. 

                  We hope you've enjoyed discovering some of the most famous pets on Instagram! From cute dogs to cuddly cats, there's an array of unique and inspiring animals online that pet owners are proud to call their own. 

                  With so many captivating pet profiles on the platform, it's easy for pet lovers to find cute animals and pets on Instagram that they can follow and watch grow. Give some of your favorite four-legged friends a follow and they’ll be sure to put a smile on your face!