If you’re a little bit of a homebody or someone who simply loves being with your dog, start a dog-stagram account!

Get involved in the social media community and link your Dog’s Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts! You’ll enjoy some canine love and maybe even be inspired to get creative with your photographs.

To get started photographing, tire him out! A little game of fetch with Hero dog toys will certainly do the trick! Many dogs will cooperate when they are a little bit tired. He’ll be more attentive to you after his brain isn’t lighting up like crazy paying attention to every noise, smell, or creature in the area. But be careful not to tire him out too much, You’ll need his attention to do some more physical tricks like standing on his hind legs, jumping or fetching toys. But if you do get him a bit drowsy, get some sweet pics of his adorable resting face.

This can be a great time to practice training and commands. “Stay” is probably one of the most important commands your dog can learn, as well as “come.” But, beware, training your dog in a park or area with other canine friends and humans can be over whelming. Try beginning your training when he’s in his home surroundings, where he feels secure and you have his undivided attention.

Get a little crazy! Fun, cute noises will get your dog’s attention, and you might even get that adorable head tilt, then SNAP the photo! You’ll definitely want to have some Hero Squeakables. Dogs love to hear squeaks! Hero Squeakables appeal to your dog’s natural instinct to hunt. Try our Squeaky Pack, a kit of 4 toys that is specially priced, and contains our squeaky best sellers!

  • Squeakables Bone Ball – the nubs on this ball cause it to bounce erratically as your dog squeaks and fetches.
  • Squeakables Widget Disc – a soft rubber, ultimate fetch toy that flies and squeaks as it bounces.
  • Squeakables Amazing Bone Ball – the rattling and squeaking noise that the inner ball in this toy makes is sure to drive your pup crazy!
  • Squeakables Kettle Ball – the handles on this squeaking ball make it great for tug of war and fetch.

Get down on their level Some of the best photos are taken when you get down to eye level with your dog. You might need to sit or lay on the ground, but it will be well worth the face to face photo you’ll get from this view.

Take An Adventure People want to see a variety of photos that show your dog in and outside of his world. Take a hike, lazy down the river in a canoe, travel to a park or go to a beach. Even if you’re in the same surroundings, you can change the direction of the camera, have fun with different angles, and create something fresh and new for the viewers. Remember, you don’t have to post all of your photos from your session all at once. Save some for those days when you have nothing to post or stuck inside during bad weather or a busy day.

Candid Photos Are The Best While humans like to sit and pose for a photograph, staged poses can be harder to do with dogs. What’s more, there’s something uniquely intriguing about a photograph that you know wasn’t set up. It shows the nature of your dog and your interaction with your canine friend. Blurry, candid shots can be fun and interesting to view. Have some fun! Show off your pooches personality. And most importantly, share your love of your dog to the world. Capture the essence of your unique canine friend.

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