SAFETY TIPS FOR STAYING SAFE THIS MEMORIAL DAY: The beginning of summer is off with a blast and while we enjoy the fun watching beautiful sparks of fireworks, your dog will have anything but fun. Anxiety and stress can be the culprit of loud noises so please take precautions to limit your pet’s fears and lessen anxiety with some advise:

ENJOY LOTS OF PLAYTIME BEFORE THE BIG EVENING: Choose a suitable toy from the Hero product line to engage your dog in fun, action and lots of fetch to tire him out! We recommend Hero USA dog toys.

KEEP YOUR PET IN HIS OWN ENVIRONMENT: While bringing your pet with you might be fun for you, too many people, loud noises and fireworks can be scary to your pet. Allow your pet to stay home in a familiar, cozy kennel or bed, surrounded by his soft blankets and stuffed toys. Remember, if your pet is outdoors, he may make a run for it, so keep him inside for the duration of the fireworks. We recommend Hero Chuckles Bellies Dog.

CREATE A DISTRACTION: If you must take your pet with you, or even if you are home, provide your pet with a foraging toy to help associate the noises with a pleasant, treat that will keep his thoughts on reaching a tasty treat! We recommend Hero Treat N Play.

TALK TO YOUR VETERINARIAN: For particularly anxious pets, please consult with your veterinarian for further ideas or aids in relaxation.