Hero Ultra Play


Hero Ultra play toys are made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber), a synthetic material that offers high-quality durability, wear-resistance and weatherproofing characteristics, while also providing softness and flexibility so dogs of all ages will have fun carrying and catching them.

Our team of engineers worked for years to improve the quality and durability of our products. With the use of TPR, our Ultra Play toys are not only reliable and long-lasting, but also visually appealing. The high-quality material is flexible enough for manufacturing strong, safe, rubbery toys that are lightweight and UV light and chemical resistant. We continue to collaborate with breeders, rescue groups, and specialty pet shops in order to develop shapes and sizes that not only benefit the dog but also provide unique product designs intriguing to humans and dogs alike. We are committed to providing our partners and customers the best value with our innovativeness for maintaining pets’ engagement and care.

For small to large breed dogs that are casual chewers to aggressive chewers, Hero Ultra Play dog toys ensure a safe, easy, flexible grip, keeping the soft touch and feel yet tensile strength to withstand tough chewers.