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How To Use Dog Toys

It seems like a no-brainer – you bought a new toy for your dog, you throw it to him, he catches, brings it back, and you have a wonderful game of fetch. Maybe in a perfect world! Just like humans, dogs can be finicky. They may like something one day, the next day he doesn’t give the toy the time of day, but he’s just destroyed the pillow cushion while you went for a quick trip to the market.

Behavior problems in dogs may be the result of boredom or excess energy.
Providing your dog with a dog toy that is specific to his habits, size, and likes will offer physical as well as mental stimulation. Knowing when to direct his energy into playing with toys can prevent and solve unnecessary behavior issues like chewing on your furniture, shoes, pillows, and even your plants.

HERO dog toys offer a variety of toys that gear to the specific needs of your pet. For interactive toys like balls, flying discs, and ropes check out the collection of HERO Action, HERO Outer Armor, and HERO Retriever Series. HERO Squeakables offers the best toys for interaction as well as solo play. The squeaky sounds of the most loved Hero Squeakables Amazing Bone Ball will have him chasing the erratic bounce, and with the easy-to-grasp handling chews he’ll find it easier to use. With the added benefit of inserting his favorite treat, this ball will keep him occupied in solo play while he nibbles and follows the toy as it rolls and twirls every which way in extra exploring fun.

When you don’t have time to play, providing your dog with toys that keep him busy is key.
HERO Treat N Play stimulates a dog’s mind while satisfying his need to hunt. With the Hero Treat N Play Ball, Bow Tie, and Football, he’ll be frolicking in mind-bending treat-hunting fun, so when you take these toys with him outside, he’ll be excited to fetch when you throw them into the distance. And, don’t worry about losing them, the colors are bright enough to find in even the tallest weeds! For super tough chewers, the Giggle Ball and Gumball puzzle toys are made of a tough polycarbonate that makes rocking sounds while making it challenging to hunt for his favorite treat.

For older dogs or sleepy time, or just frolicking, HERO Chuckles make wonderful cuddle buddies while also providing him with interest as its 3-in-one Chatterbox™ device emits a symphony of three distinct sounds including a crunch, squeak and chuckle which are safely contained within a protective tube. Depending on the position of the toy, the Chatterbox emits the noise keeping him engaged longer. Like all plush toys, they are good for multi-purpose playtime but not appropriate for all dogs. Some like to simply carry their “prey” around, while others will have the need to shake or “kill” their prey, so you’ll want to be sure to remove any toy that has been damaged in a rough activity. Any parts that may come dislodged could be dangerous if ingested. It’s always a good idea to monitor your dog’s play, removing the toy should it come apart.

Getting the most out of your dog toys will take some love and care.
Be sure to wash toys after playing outdoors in mud and streams, and inspect for any damage. Rotating four or five of his toys on a weekly basis will allow him to keep interested in the select few. Of course, his favorite Chuckle should probably be left out most of the time!

Be sure to invest in toys that offer a variety of uses, and try not to get bogged down on tug-o-war games with every toy. Choose toys that may be reserved exclusively for this activity to prevent him from tugging anything you have in your hand. Teach commands like “Let’s tug” and “Give” so that he knows when it’s ok to start and stop the game. Always choose toys that are appropriate for your dog’s current size. Puppies grow rather quickly and that favorite small chew or plush toy at 4 months old may be a hazard at 15 months when he’s grown into a larger and stronger dog. Know his chewing habits before leaving him alone when he could get into disemboweling a toy by pulling the stuffing out, creating a safety hazard for the dog. Finding the best toys for your dog is fun with all of the options of the HERO brand.