Hero dog toys are designed by dog enthusiasts who combine behavioral and design expertise in creating innovative toys that inspire play between you and your dog.

With 12 sub-brands, Hero dog toys are engineered to provide better, safer, more durable options for everyday things your dog already loves. Let’s look at Hero Freezies, the coolest toys ever made! These toys can be filled with water and stored in your freezer. When chilled, these safe toys are refreshing on a hot summer day! Whether frolicking in the grass or playing fetch, nothing beats a refreshing feeling as they lick, chew, fetch, and go.

Have a retrieving dog? Hero Retriever Series™ focuses on toys developed to find fulfillment in retrieving. Some toys have hidden compartments for filling with your dog’s favorite snack, and provide lots of enjoyment as your dog satisfies his inherent needs for foraging. Some toys require owner supervision and participation, while others can be left with your dog unattended, giving you both a bit of time for yourselves.

Hero dog toys incorporate the latest technology to continually improve and enhance your dog’s play experience. Hero DuraMax toys were developed using a revolutionary new natural rubber formula that significantly increases their durability, offering a bit of moxie with innovative shapes, ranging from an erratically bouncing rolling tug toy, to a chewable handle bone, to a textured rubber ring, to a bone ball with a foraging function, and all have an ability to float in water!

Hero uses the highest quality natural rubber and a specially formulated, non-toxic soft rubber in the manufacturing of our toys. Our natural rubber toys are incredibly durable and practically indestructible for long-lasting play while our soft rubber used in treat-dispensing toys is gentle on gums and safe for your dog.