Dog ID

No More Lost Dogs!

If you’ve ever experienced the anxiety of a dog running away, worrying about them, and hoping they’ll be returned safely, then you the importance to ID your dog. If your dog doesn’t have proper ID, now’s the time to do it! Here are some common ways to ensure you and your lost pet will be safely united:
• ID Tags – Purchase in your local pet supply or veterinary office. However, relying solely on this method of ID leaves too much chance, read on for additional ideas.
• Tatoos – Supervised by a veterinarian, and registered with the National Dog Registry, is one of the oldest pet tattoo registries. Most importantly, register! An unregistered tattoo is untraceable.
• Michrochipping – Performed and registered by a veterinarian, a tiny transponder that uses radio waves to transmit your dog’s information is placed between his shoulder blades.
• QR Tags – If you’re using a simple ID tag on a collar, a QR bar code can be engraved onto the tag with a laser. When your pet is found, a simple scan with a smartphone identifies your dog.
• Pet Locator Services – An imprinted ID tag on a collar with a unique ID and 1-800 number can be used by anyone who should find your lost dog. Ask your veterinarian if they have experience with an “Amber Alert” pet service to help you choose one to fit your needs. Most have a 24/7 service.