Did you know that each year there are nearly 1,000 house fires accidently started by the homeowner’s pet? Taking simple preventative measures to ensure the safety of your home and your pet are an integral part of responsible pet ownership.

Curious pooches may spy on a candle burning or accidentally hit the stove knob and turn on a burner. Within minutes, the home may be filled with smoke. Consider the following tips:

Pet Fire Safety

  • Consider using flameless candles around pets and children. Wagging tails and house play may accidently cause a mishap.
  • Place knob protectors on your stove or simply remove the knobs when not in use.
  • Metal or plastic water bowls are best for outside use. On a wooden deck, a glass bowl can heat up and actually start a fire.
  • Store pet collars and leashes near the exit of your home.
  • When you are away from home, confine your pets in the main living area for easy rescue.
  • Keep your pet in a pet kennel or pet-proofed room while away
  • Use Fire Alert window clings to help firefighters identify rooms where pets are located. Remember to identify the number of pets in the home.
  • Have a plan for which family members will be responsible for each pet.

Always install smoke detectors in your home, and test the alarm monthly. You’ll know its time for new batteries when you hear it chirp. Be sure to have a fire escape route, and practice a fire drill from time to time. Keep your pets and humans safe.