New Year’s Eve means a fun party for you, but extra company, loud music and laughter and fireworks can be stressful on pets. Help keep your pets safe and relaxed during the celebrations with these simple tips:

Keep your pets inside!
With all the loud fireworks and extra commotion of people coming and going, your pet may feel overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Allow your pets to stay inside, lounging in their comfy spot.

Securely leash or confine your furry friend to their crate.
Some animals might want to explore the crowds and loud source of commotion, while others may run away from strange people and sounds. If you must go outside, be certain to have a secure hold on their leash, and be sure to secure their harness or collar so they can’t easily slip out. To be certain of their safety, it’s best to keep them safe at home.

Stay true to your pet’s feeding, elimination and sleeping schedule.
Pets are creates of habit. The more closely you stay to their regular schedule, the less likely they will feel anxious.

Beware of dropped food and secure the garbage.

Some foods may be harmful to your pet – like chocolate, ham, beef, chicken fat and bones, so be certain that he doesn’t mistake something dropped on the floor for a tasty treat. Fatty foods can create digestive issues, causing them to vomit, have bloating or diarrhea. When torn apart by their teeth, cooked bones have been known to result in torn intestinal, stomach and esophageal tissues. Be sure to keep the garbage secure and away from his reach. Shiny decorations, streamers, balloons and noise makers might be an interesting find, but swallowing these items may cause digestive issues noted above.

Keep your pet’s microchips and vaccination tags up-to-date.

Even though you keep the doors closed, some pets may slip out unnoticed. Make sure your pet’s ID tags and microchip information has your current contact information.

Play with your pet before the celebrations begin.

Interacting and playing with your pet will help release excess energy and help them to remain calm after dark. The playtime helps to keep him involved with you and the workout can also help your pet rest easier and fall asleep faster. Choose from a wide selection of HERO dog toys made to cater to individual needs for chewing, jumping, running, and playing. With so many options, you’re sure to find something for your dog’s needs.