7 Pet Photography Tips To Get The Best Photos Of Your Pet

7 Pet Photography Tips To Get The Best Photos Of Your Pet

Not sure how to do pet photography? The truth is that it’s not always easy. For goodness sake, they don’t understand what we are trying to do! Posing for a pic is not an option. But if you follow these pet photography tips, you’re sure to get fabulous pet photos to frame for your desk or wall!


Avoid a flash at all costs. The flash not only causes red-eye but may also frighten your animal. Instead, go outside, in natural light, or if that’s not possible, get to an area where the room is lit by natural light for the best pet photos. Try to shoot pictures of your pet by windows, or if possible, outside while daylight is out.


As it’s said, “eyes are the window to the soul” and pets' eyes can be very expressive. Be sure to focus the camera on your pet’s eyes, and be sure to capture them while they are open wide.


If you have a lazy pup, go towards him, and capture his yawn or sprawled-out body. And if you’re not too bothered by closed eyes and a little drool, snap a couple of pictures while your fido is taking a snooze. 


A successful picture conveys the character of its subject. You know your pet best, so if your pooch is energetic and playful, how him performing his favorite trick or frolicking with his favorite Hero toy. By capturing your furbaby doing what they love, you’ll be able to display your pet’s playfulness and charm. 


Get out the long lens, or if you have a phone camera with portrait mode, fill the frame with your pet’s face and fur. Close-up shots and make the most beautiful animal portrait. Close-up shots will show your pet’s facial features and lovable face. 


This one is tricky. But if you can watch as he quietly plays, get your angle and camera in position, and give him a call or whistle. You’ll get a nice alert posture and some really funny pics. You might want to use the burst feature on your camera for this one. Surprise pictures get a lot of fun, happy pictures of your pet, but surprising your pet may get them excited, so prepare for some movement and jumping.


Pets are harder than children to get the best photo. Take your time and experiment with different  pet photography ideas. Try different angles and compositions. Most importantly, have fun, and be sure to share your pet photography with us on Facebook!

Pet photography can be difficult, but it’ll be worth it when you get to share pics of your furry friends with the people you love. With the right angles, the right lighting, and a little patience, your pet will be well on their way to being the star of your social media page.