Understanding Your Dog’s Instinct To Hunt & Forage For Food

Understanding Your Dog’s Instinct To Hunt & Forage For Food

Ever wonder why your dog is constantly frolicking in your trashcan, shredding and dispersing its contents all over the floor? Maybe it’s their natural instinct? Domestic canines are known for being scavengers, more than hunters – at least when it comes to hunting in the real sense of the word. 

Because we gracefully fill our pet’s water and food bowl every day, he doesn’t have much to do with foraging for his food, except maybe following a trail of crumbs your kid left behind or patrolling under the kitchen table. This can lead to frustrated, over-stimulated dogs. So keep reading for a full breakdown of dog instinct facts.

Do dogs have good instincts?

Yes, dogs have very good instincts. They are highly attuned to their environment and can sense when something is not right or when danger is nearby. Dogs also possess an excellent ability to track scents and understand body language, which can help them anticipate potential dangers and react quickly in a crisis situation. 

Additionally, dogs are quite adept at problem-solving and may use creative solutions to complete tasks or escape situations. All of these qualities demonstrate the strength of a dog's natural instinct.

Do dogs still have wild instincts?

Yes, dogs still have wild instincts. Dogs can track scents and recognize body language, which helps them stay alert to potential dangers. Additionally, dogs’ great problem-solving skills help them overcome tasks or avoid dangerous situations. Although centuries of domestication have tailored canine behavior to fit our human lifestyle, these natural instincts are still part of their natural makeup today. 

Where do dogs’ instincts come from?

Dog instincts come from instinctive behavior that has been passed down through generations. This behavior is often referred to as "instinctive knowledge" and includes hunting, defending territories, scenting, communicating with other animals, understanding body language, and problem-solving. 

Another one of your dog’s instincts is that they have an incredible sense of smell and can use scent signals to detect danger or food sources. All of these traits combine to create a powerful set of instincts that help dogs survive in the wild. Many dog breeds have adapted their natural behaviors over time to fit better within our human lifestyle. By providing training and socialization early on in life, we can further encourage desirable behavior from our furry friends.

Hero dog toys provide many fun ways to keep your dog engaged in happy and stimulating activities without forgetting a dog’s instinct.  Hero Treat N Play toys will keep your pup entertained as he works to get food, one of your dog’s instincts. Developed to reinforce natural foraging behavior, Hero Treat N Play toys will keep your pet’s brain and body actively engaged.

When looking for your favorite Hero treat-dispensing toys, a lot will depend on your pet’s personal preferences. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size of your dog: Be sure to think about your dog’s size. Hero offers options like toys designed for dogs that can he handle large, heavy toys or smaller, lighter toys for a smaller breed or puppy.
  • Size of treats: Determine your dog’s favorite treat and be sure it’s compatible with the foraging toy. Treats must be small enough to fit inside the toy, but not so small that they’ll fall right out.
  • Durability and materials (Hero’s got durability covered!): How the toy is made and how it fits your dog’s style of play should be determined. If you have a strong chewer, for instance, you’ll want Hero toys that are built with strong, chew-resistant materials. Smaller dogs may be able to play nice with softer materials.

Keep your pet’s brain and body actively engaged with Hero Treat N Play toys developed to reinforce natural foraging behavior. Hero Treat N Play toys are built using strong, sturdy materials and designed to keep your canine friend busy and active. Following are some customer favorites:

  • Hero Treat N Play Holi Ball: This treat dispensing ball is durable and has many hollow nooks so you can stuff them with your dog’s favorite treat, Your dog will have hours of fun disemboweling its contents!
  • Hero Treat N Play Gumball: An innovative, polycarbonate puzzle toy makes rocks and rattle sound as your dog pushes it around, attempting to free treats from the holes on top. This toy is designed to stay upright at all times and will provide hours of self-entertainment for your dog.
  • Hero Treat N Play Foraging Ring: This soft rubber foraging ring features nubs and handles, making it easier for dogs to manipulate as he attempts to remove the treats you’ve placed inside the holes.
  • Hero Treat N Play Giggle Ball: This ball opens up to allow easy access to insert treats, plus it giggles and makes noise as your dog attempts to get the treats out. It can also be used with dry food as a slow feeder!
  • Hero Treat N Play Bow Tie: The elongated shape of this toy makes it a perfect bully stick or bone holder! Place smaller treats fully inside to give your dog more of a challenge.

These treat-hiding toys are great to encourage dog instincts healthily and encompass areas where dogs need to learn how to find hidden treats and are just a few of our fantastic toys to trigger the dog’s curiosity and encourage foraging tendencies. 

Remember that you should supervise your pets with these types of toys, especially when they’re playing with them for the first time. All Hero toys are built to last, using strong, sturdy materials and designed to keep your canine friend busy and active.

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