Dogs love to chase things. It mimics the act of their inherent past time of chasing.

In past times, dogs were trained to chase for the purpose of hunting. Once they achieved their goal, they were to return back to their owner with their prey. In the wild, chasing things and hunting was a tactic for survival. Today, dogs still have the movement desire, the chase-and-catch action ingrained into who they are, yet they don’t need to hunt for survival. We provide them with the nutrition they need to maintain a healthy life.

Dogs are aware that balls aren’t animals, but the act of chasing the ball replicates this past time. As you begin to develop your relationship with your dog, spending time together, and strengthening your connection, playing fetch with your dog is the number one enjoyable experience for them. While your dog knows that balls aren’t rabbits, they love Hero balls because they fit in their mouth easily, spot it, and it is fast. When your dog chases and retrieves the ball to you, it gives him a sense of accomplishment and their body knows it.

While some dog breeds may not enjoy fetching, others will immensely love it. It could be the breed or it could also depend on the temperament of your dog. The movement of the ball ultimately mimics prey, and for most dogs, the animal uses their instinctive nature to chase and retrieve the ball.

Encouraging your dog to play chase not only builds your relationship but is also a perfect activity to keep him fit. And, choosing the proper ball for your dog is important. Hero Action Tennis Ball is available in two sizes, to fit various mouths. It’s also important to look into different fabrications because while some dogs are inherent chewers, Hero Squeakables Amazing Bone Ball might be the better option because the soft rubber is ideal for tough chewers, the design of the three-dimensional nubs give them something to hold onto, and it fits into their mouths, promoting healthy teeth and gums. It’s also ideal for solitude play, as it’s a treat-dispensing ball. Simply fill the ball with your dog’s favorite biscuits or freeze with soft food. It will give him hours of healthy activity.

Chasing and running is a natural instinct to dogs. From puppies to full-grown adults, dogs love to play with their owners and other dogs. Build your dog’s confidence and find the right Hero ball for your dog.