Why Adopt A Senior Dog

You’ve done it! You’ve decided to adopt a dog. Rescues and shelters across the country hope that if you are looking to adopt a new dog as your family pet to consider adopting a senior dog.

While puppies have a certain cuteness, many senior dogs are overlooked for adoption but have an adorableness all their own.

Did you know that senior dogs may spend the longest amount of time waiting for their forever home, if not, the rest of their lives confined to a kennel? Advanced age pets have a higher euthanasia rate than their younger counterparts.

Senior Dogs Make The Most Amazing Pets!
Let’s discover the benefits of adopting a senior dog. For starters, older dogs are typically calmer and less energetic than puppies. Their personalities are already established. When you chose a senior dog, you can be almost certain of their personality and how they interact with other dogs and pets, people, and children. Most of the guessing game is over. Sometimes, puppies grow up to be not the pet you’d hope for; they might not get along well with other pets or children. They might be more energetic, spastic, or more demanding than you’d hope for. Usually, the low-key nature of a senior dog makes them ideal for households with kids or older animals.

There are so many benefits to adopting a senior pet over a younger one. For instance, If you’re time is limited, you may find that many senior dogs are already trained to do their business outdoors and performing basic commands. Many senior dogs come to shelters because they’ve lost their human companions, not because they are unruly or unmanageable. Senior dogs take the guesswork out of how a puppy will grow, it’s personality or how much energy it has an adult.

To adopt a senior dog and bring into your home, you are offering an entirely different level of satisfaction from the adoption experience. You are truly saving a life. And senior dogs have so much love and compassion left to share!