Cuddling with your pet provides health and lifestyle benefits which also give you a healthier and happier pet! If you don’t have a pet, visit a friend’s pet or better yet, adopt a pet! The best gift you can give an animal is a loving, comfortable home.

Domesticated animals need physical touch and bonding.

Just like humans, your pet needs constant physical touch and bonding to keep them from becoming depressed. An animal left alone without companionship and contact might gain nothing but emotional stress and sadness. The interaction of cuddling your pet increases the oxytocin levels in the blood and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

Oxycontin is one of the most important hormones in our bodies and can affect overall health, mental state, weight and general happiness levels. When you hug your pet, this hormone is released in both of you. Dogs are especially affected by their interaction with humans and appreciate the attention and excitement.

Hug your pet before leaving him alone.

If you plan on going out for a while, or especially if you’re headed to a dentist appointment or important meeting, be sure to pet, hug, and cuddle your pet for a little prior to leaving. When you bond with your animal and Oxycontin is released, cortisol levels drop and these benefits can last throughout the day. Reduced levels of cortisol also lead to a relaxed heart rate and calmer feeling.

Heal and prevent diseases.
Cuddling reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Our brain’s oxygen and blood supply can become restricted with continued stress, leading to many issues like hemorrhages, constricted blood vessels, and strokes. To allow our brains to receive the oxygen and blood required to function at optimal levels, we need to calm down and de-stress. What better way to de-stress than to cuddle with your pet!

Combat depression
We all know what it feels like to be sad and depressed. Dogs are easily affected by depression when not provided with enough attention, petting, and exercise. Take your dog outside for a walk, choose from the various HERO brand dog toys that provide so many ways to interact and occupy your dog. Exercising and moving increase serotonin and dopamine levels among other hormones that help our bodies deal with all kinds of pain. Help promote positive responses and cuddle your pet as often as possible! Just make sure you’re not annoying them in the process!

Treat anxiety and promote weight loss.

If your pet is overweight, the issue may not be diet. Unbalanced hormones can promote stress and stress promotes weight gain. Showing your pet love and affection periodically shows him that you are calm and he’ll pick up your vibe and relax much more. Of course, keeping your pets well-exercised has its benefits, too. A good work out and daily playtime with HERO dog toys helps to fight obesity and diabetes.

Petting your pet while cuddling is a good way for your pets to deal with anxieties and fears. Make sure not to cuddle when they are displaying fear as this may cause the animal to believe you’re encouraging anxiety and ill feelings. Use treats to help your dog quickly change its turn and pet him watching TV and in-between playtime.

Confidence is the key to success.

Our dogs offer unconditional love and affection to those who take care of them a provide attention. This has an effect on our confidence level even if we don’t realize it all the time. Our dogs don’t care about our hair, or how goofy we are, so be your unique self with your pet. Caring for a pet provides us with feelings of confidence and importance. So get cuddling today!