6 Reasons To Adopt A Cat From A Shelter

6 Reasons To Adopt A Cat From A Shelter

Cats are great companions. Their understanding and playful nature make them ideal pets. When you need to bring one home, you must make the important decision of where to get your feline.

Pet stores offer all the varieties you would desire. You may also get one from a friend. However, a pet shelter is the best place to get your feline for several reasons.


You save the cat from being euthanized

Millions of cats are found in shelters each year. The high population means that hundreds of thousands of cats will have to be euthanized. It is an unfortunate end to pets that have offered human beings such great companionship.

Buying from the shelter denies pet-mills profit. As their market shrinks, they will stop the business of breeding and selling pets without regard for their destiny. The shelters care about pets more than the profiteering mills. The people who drop the pets in these shelters also care about them and thus do not drop them anywhere else. Adopting from the shelter is a sign of compassion.


Cats from shelters are already vaccinated

Veterinary offices insist on pet vaccination because of the possibility of spreading diseases. Shelters have health officers and protocols to monitor the health of all pets under their care. One of the most important steps taken is vaccination. It is a guarantee that the cat will not spread diseases or infections once you carry it home.

At the same time, you have a record of all the diseases or infections the cat has been treated for. It gives you a clear picture of the cat you are carrying home. You avoid cats that go down with diseases once you get them home.

You may also request other medical procedures before carrying the cat with you. For instance, the cat may be neutered before you take it home. It may also be fertilized to give you other cats after a while. All these options guarantee a healthier and more productive cat.


The shelter provides support

Shelters are set up to help people and their pets live better lives. Most of these shelters are run as charities and community organizations. Because of the passion to see healthy pets and animals in the community, they extend genuine as well as affordable support to pet owners. Their decisions and actions are not driven by the desire to make a profit. It results in the best advice and support to make cat ownership rewarding.


You support a valuable community or charity organization

Pet shelters are community-based organizations. They do not run for profit. In fact, most of the people are volunteers. Their dependence on charity means that they have limited resources to run their operations. They would be glad if they had fewer animals to care for since their resources would be more adequate.

The organizations also play a crucial role in adopting pets that have been abandoned in the community. It is a sign of care for these pets. Further, they prevent the cats and other pets from roaming around the community spreading diseases or interfering with people’s lives. By taking one cat off the shelter, you relieve their burden and also provide space to adopt another cat.


You encourage others to follow the same path

Adopting a cat from shelters is one of the most positive peer influences anyone can ask for. The community begins to see the value of such shelters. Friends will also follow your example when they need pets. The care and support from the shelter once you take the pet home is encouraging. They will be impressed by the support you receive from the shelter to guarantee an excellent experience with your cat. In case they want a pet in the future, friends and neighbors will turn to you as well as the shelter.


It is more affordable

Shelters are not run for profit. They aim to rescue cats and other pets from abandonment. They also receive support from organizations and the government to keep the pets alive. As a result, their pets are more affordable, some are even free.

You also receive continued support with health services like vaccination and sterilization. The entire situation makes owning a pet cat easier and more affordable. It is also cheaper in the long term because you get the cat you want and one that is free of diseases.

Cats are good for your emotional and physical health. They offer the best companionship to people of different ages. However, the quality of companionship it will offer will depend on where you get your cat from. Get one from the shelter and enjoy healthy and affordable companionship.